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*from the title of a review of Arthur Koestler's Arrival and Departure by Michael Foot, Evening Standard, Nov. 26, 1943.


long form posts on music, with subjects discussed in parentheses:

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35. EMA - ‘Satellites’ (responding to her first new single since Past Life Martyred Saints

34. The Knife - ‘Raging Lung’ (Fugazi and Shaking the Habitual)

33 1/3. Perfecting Sound Forever (on reading Greg Milner’s excellent book on the history of recording and production) 

32. Ham Sandwich - ‘OH-OH’ (on Irish shoegazing)

31. Torres - ‘Mother Earth, Father God’ (on my new favourite album of 2013)

30. Grimes - ‘Visions’ (on my favourite album of 2012

29. Loma Prieta - ‘Torn Portrait’ (on punk vs pop in 2012)

28. Dan Deacon - ‘Guildford Avenue Bridge’ (on his new album America, and the cultural politics thereof) 

27. The Radiators from Space - ‘Head for the Sun’ (on the Irish musical history of Sound City Beat)

26. Fugazi - ‘Fell, Destroyed’ (learning to love later Fugazi)

25. Hot Water Music - ‘Alright for Now’ (systematising HWM)

24. Elite Gymnastics, RUIN (dubstep, relationships, the Nitelink)

23. Fugazi - ‘Cashout’ (politics, emigration, the Irish presidency)

22. Void - ‘Dehumanized’ (hardcore/chaotic emo, academia, existentialism)

21. Radio Flyer - ‘R is for Rocket’ (catharsis, emo, chillwave) 

20. Gowns - ‘Heaven’ (EMA London gig live review) 

19. Si Schroeder - ‘The Reluctant Aviator’ (depression, shoegaze, slowcore)

18. Gowns - ‘Marked’ (EMA, Latitudes Sessions, Love 666)

17. Jawbreaker - ‘Accident Prone’ (lyrics, Zen, existentialism)

16. Swing Kids - ‘Warsaw’ (Joy Division, Ian Curtis, offensiveness)

15. EMA - ‘Red Star’ (stability/fidelity, Lungfish, the blues)

14. Jawbreaker - ‘Save Your Generation’ (Zen Buddhism)

13. Hot Water Music - ‘220 Years’ (dates, revolution, breakdowns)

12. Hot Water Music - ‘Sunday Suit’ (Hot Water Music, liberalism, religion)

11. Joy Division - ‘Decades’ (dub, gothic tones, surface treble)

10. EMA - ‘Marked’ (emotion, quiet/loud dynamics)

9. Bob Dylan and the Band - ‘The Banks of the Royal Canal’ (The Auld Triangle, Irish literature, historicism)

8. Husker Du - ‘It’s Not Funny Anymore’ (Grant Hart, murder, Odd Future)

7. Grant Hart - ‘Run Run Run to the Centre Pompidou’ (architecture, genealogy)

6. Lhasa - ‘Mother Earth, Father Sky’ (screamo, Japan, concision)

5. White Ring - ‘Roses’ (Skins, dubstep)

4. Ramones  - ‘Havana Affair’, ‘Listen To My Heart’, ‘53rd & 3rd’ (punk, irony, Odd Future)

3. Ramones - ‘Beat on the Brat’ (violence, Odd Future)

2. Bouncing Souls - ‘That Song’ (punk, politics)

1. Hot Water Music - ‘True Believers’ (Bouncing Souls, anthems)

Earlier entries:


viii. Hot Water Music - ‘Position’ (psychology, humanism)

vii. Han Shan - ‘Loquat Tree’ (hardcore emo, Zen, aesthetics)

vi. The Blacktop Cadence - ‘Sinker’ (post-hardcore, violas)

v. Skins s4 final scene/Nice Nice - ‘Set and Setting’ (TV, anger, teenagedom)

iv. Leatherface - ‘I Want The Moon’ (punk, UK history, socialism)

iii. Jawbreaker - ‘Millions’ (meta-textuality, Dear You, punk-pop)

ii. Common Rider - ‘Rough Redemption’ (ska-pop, Buddhism, liberation) 

i. Whipping Boy - ‘We Don’t Need Nobody Else’ (abuse, Ireland, 1990s)

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