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Aug 28

Fight Like Apes - ‘Come On, Let’s Talk About Our Feelings’ from The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner

Opening track from the new album, which is only available on CD (I got mine from Tower for €9.99) or download (I heard €4.99 on iTunes for this week only); they’re going up against Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream (which, honest-to-god, is advertised in Tower’s window as ‘candy-floss scented’) for top of the charts, in Ireland at least.

The whole thing is quite subdued, really up until the previously released track ‘Hoo Ha Henry’ (and ‘Poached Eggs’ sounds great in context too) with more focus on May Kay’s quieter vocals - counterbalanced by Jamie/Pockets’ shouty backing vocals, vaguely reminiscent of some earnest pop-punk band - and the synths toned down to suggestion more than the last album’s overproduced barrage; although they hit the red when they need to. Initial perceptions, but this seems like a really good second album, an actually solid progression from and beyond the previously recorded EPs (‘Jake Summers’, ‘Do You Karate?’, etc.) that couldn’t really be bested on their own terms.

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    Fight Like Apes - ‘Come On, Let’s Talk About Our Feelings’ from The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner
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