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"Why sneer at the intellectuals?"*
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*from the title of a review of Arthur Koestler's Arrival and Departure by Michael Foot, Evening Standard, Nov. 26, 1943.
Jan 24
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    See, maybe I only like this piece because I hate Tune-Yards so much, but honestly, whatever, I don’t care, it’s great....
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    The only reason I can get behind Klosterman’s piece is because I find ~~*~TunE-YaRdZZ*~*~~ to be agonizingly...
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    Fuck, ignoring the fact that if you find her or her music asexual OR androgynous you’ve missed almost the entire point,...
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    Also don’t really get the androgynous thing. She wears pink frilly stuff onstage. Sigh.
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    It’s fairly clear that he means ‘asexual’ in the associated meaning of androgynous, or neither one gender (‘sex’) or the...
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