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*from the title of a review of Arthur Koestler's Arrival and Departure by Michael Foot, Evening Standard, Nov. 26, 1943.
Mar 20

Michael Stürmer, chief correspondent of Die Welt daily, confirmed an unshaken German confidence in Ireland’s prospects that combines idealism about the island with a nuanced understanding of the “very specific reasons” of the economic crisis.

Recent tensions in the debate between the two countries, he said, derived from a mutual failure to grasp each other’s fundamental national trauma: emigration in Ireland and German fear of inflation.

“For Ireland, being driven out rather than being able to live on the land is a collective instinct, much as we Germans believe that having solid money in our pockets is important for our self-respect,” he said.

Ireland should seize chance to execute ideas learnt abroad, Berlin forum hears 

Huh. I have my doubts about the idea of national psychologies, but this is interesting… and kinda positive?

irish politics
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  1. burndownthedisco said: i don’t know about “collective instinct,” but i think it’s true that germans are afraid of inflation, and for good reason. see the aftermath of WWI, for starters.
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