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*from the title of a review of Arthur Koestler's Arrival and Departure by Michael Foot, Evening Standard, Nov. 26, 1943.
Mar 21

Revenge of the Thanatoids


One of the first questions that comes to mind in reading CrimethInc.’s recent Work is “Whom is it for?” CrimethInc. — or CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective — if you haven’t already heard of them, first surfaced with the ’90s anarcho-punk zine Inside Front. From early on, the group insisted on being seen not as an organization in the usual sense — in which deciding who belongs is the monopoly of some official authority — but merely as speaking and acting from a particular social position, that of the worker of late capitalism. It’s a position of alienation so acute, it threatens the system itself, through what they slyly refer to as “crime” — meaning all the stealthy ways individual workers now rebel: slacking, pilfering, etc. — and finally in more collective, revolutionary action. Thus far though, the collective is best known for its publications on capitalism and the state, anarchism, and direct action. In Work, the most recent of these, we’re offered a couple dozen or so two- and three-page entries on socioeconomic topics, whose range, almost certainly as a function of the book’s collective authorship, provokes that mix of feelings one has regarding most kinds of surplus. It includes all the classic recettes of Marxist thought (“Production,” ”Finance,” “Unemployment”) together with a great paella of contemporary theory (“Bodies and Simulacra,” “Precarity and Vertigo,” “Gentrification”). The central idea, it should be said, couldn’t be more sound: that from top to bottom, late capitalism demands a life of work from almost all of us, and work here is very specifically identified as an activity whose essential purpose is to rob workers of part of the value of their labor.

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